Support-Girona offers legal and social counselling to people and specialists interested in learning more about legal assistance and social support in different fields of action. We are aware that the reform of the support for legal capacity adopted in 2021 may bring many doubts. This is all the more reason for us to make ourselves available.

For this service, which is very costly given that it requires the involvement of different experts, Support-Girona does not receive any public funding, yet no fee is established for it considering that this could become an entry barrier in critical social circumstances. However, it does accept and appreciate contributions in the form of donations to help finance its costs.

Support-Girona offers counselling to people interested in learning more about legal capacity support for themselves or their loved ones. This counselling may or may not generate legal proceedings or notary procedures to establish the support (which are never initiated by Support-Girona) and/or case files of the service for future support.

Support-Girona offers counselling to organisations or institutions with specialists who directly or indirectly interact with disabled people (such as public administration, social services and mental health centres, hospital units, centres for the care of disabled persons, social clubs, residential homes, etc). It does so by offering dissemination talks, participating in local, national, and international meetings and seminars, presenting papers, and organising conferences.

Currently, the most discussed topic is the paradigm of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) regarding the legal and social support as well as the impact resulting from the reform on legal capacity both at national and Catalan levels, which has been in force since September 3, 2021.

Support-Girona informs the general population about legal and social support by offering talks upon request. The most common topics are legal assistance as well as social support and how these are put into practice, the new paradigm of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD), the reform of legal capacity 2021, the support mechanisms for the person, the activities of the organisation, future forecasts, and mechanisms such as protected heritage property or any issue related to legal and social support for persons with disabilities and their rights in accordance with CRPD.

It takes part in the recruitment of young people benefiting from the Youth Guarantee Programme in Catalonia, in accordance with Order TSF/115/2018 of 12 July.

The programme is financed by the Youth Employment initiative and the European Social Fund, with a co-financing of 91.89%.


Foundations Register 1817. Register Department of Work, Social Affairs, and Families of the Government of Catalonia S05710.

Support-Girona is registered in the Register of Interest Groups of the Catalan Government Administration and the Public Sector. Identification number 315.

Municipal Register of Entities (Girona City Council) with number EH3234.

Census of Voluntary Entities of Catalonia 001907-000.