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Support-Girona is a non-profit organisation devoted to defending, promoting, developing, and extending the human rights of persons with psychosocial, intellectual, or aging-related disabilities, without any limitations by providing legal and social support. We at Support-Girona help people pursue their well-being and autonomy by providing them with the right support that is in accordance with their wishes and preferences as well as follows the principles of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD).

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It takes part in the recruitment of young people benefiting from the Youth Guarantee Programme in Catalonia, in accordance with Order TSF/115/2018 of 12 July.

The programme is financed by the Youth Employment initiative and the European Social Fund, with a co-financing of 91.89%.


Foundations Register 1817. Register Department of Work, Social Affairs, and Families of the Government of Catalonia S05710.

Support-Girona is registered in the Register of Interest Groups of the Catalan Government Administration and the Public Sector. Identification number 315.

Municipal Register of Entities (Girona City Council) with number EH3234.

Census of Voluntary Entities of Catalonia 001907-000.