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Why Support-Girona needs donations

The main source of funding for Support-Girona comes through public grants from the Catalan government in order to finance the support service. Although these grants can cover much of the cost of the organisation’s structure and staff, they, unfortunately, do not cover the support and guidance offered to family members and specialists, the provident service for future support or the assistance by a power of attorney, or the basic financial needs of people who have an income lower than the expenses required to attend to their basic needs. We support many people who earn an inadequate income. Notably, 65% of the people we are assisting are living at or below the poverty line.

The donor is eligible for a deduction in their personal income tax return (the coefficient set by the treasury for donations to foundations and entities declared to be of public benefit.


How can I donate?

You can make donations through:

If you would like to make a large donation, please contact Support-Girona on 972 249 110.


What will Support-Girona do with the donations?

Many of the people we are supporting need the organisation to fund the coverage of their most basic needs. To make that possible, we appreciate what we receive from private donors. The situations in which it is necessary to fund the care and coverage of needs are very diverse.

Solidarity wills. Your legacy

What are the solidarity wills?

In a solidarity will, a person allocates part or all of their inheritance to non-profit organisations or entities with the purpose of supporting charitable causes.


How to include Support-Girona Foundation in your solidarity will?

  • Entering our tax details:
    • Support-Girona Foundation
    • C. Pierre Vilar, 5-7 Baixos
    • 17002 Girona
    • Tax no. G-17752288
  • Afterwards, communicate to the entity that it has been included in the will.


How will we manage, or what will use the inherited goods for?

There are certain situations, often related to elderly people, in which we have to advance money to pay the fees of residential centres while the public support does not arrive. 
Other situations include helping to cover the basic needs of those people in the organisation who do not receive income, investing in the creation of new resources that guarantee the rights of persons with disabilities,

improving the care provided to the people being assisted.

Another group, which is getting increasingly larger, responds to the profile of young people with psychosocial or intellectual disabilities, (either mild or borderline) who do not have the profile to access public places in centres (such as residence homes, protected apartments, apartments with support), or otherwise they do not exist and have a minimum income (i.e., non-contributory pensions, social security family allowances, orphans’ pensions, disability pensions, etc.) that do not allow them to afford accommodation (not only in private centres but also in pensions, shared rental apartments, etc.), living expenses, treatments, or transport, among others.

It takes part in the recruitment of young people benefiting from the Youth Guarantee Programme in Catalonia, in accordance with Order TSF/115/2018 of 12 July.

The programme is financed by the Youth Employment initiative and the European Social Fund, with a co-financing of 91.89%.


Foundations Register 1817. Register Department of Work, Social Affairs, and Families of the Government of Catalonia S05710.

Support-Girona is registered in the Register of Interest Groups of the Catalan Government Administration and the Public Sector. Identification number 315.

Municipal Register of Entities (Girona City Council) with number EH3234.

Census of Voluntary Entities of Catalonia 001907-000.